Happy, Healthier Chickens

When someone tastes something yummy, they usually tell somebody else about it.  And if you’re anything like me (borderline health nut), if it tastes good AND it’s good for you then you really get excited about it!

Well, the feathered friends that are roaming the land around our house have some exciting news to share: the food they are now eating is GMO-free!  I’m pretty sure they don’t care very much – as long as their feeder is filled they are happy.  But we know that YOU care about what our chickens are eating because whatever they consume is ultimately going to be what you consume.

Aaron has been trying to source non-GMO feed for while now.  Sure it’s available many places in the US, but we want to keep things local as much as possible.  We do this for two reasons: 1.  We love supporting other Arkansas farmers. 2. It’s important for us to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.  So, we are delighted to have found another farmer to buy non-GMO feed from, and to be able to keep the same $4/lb price for our chicken!

Our chicken’s new feed is:

  1. Arkansas grown.
  2. GMO-free
  3. Chemical-free (Tested for over 90 different herbicides and pesticides.)

(Our feed has always been antibiotic-free and continues to be so.)

Bye-bye GMOs!



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