We are the Hefners – Aaron, Lindsay, Elijah, Lenaya, Caroline, and Carl.


A little bit of our story…

We served as missionaries in the bush of Senegal, West Africa for 10 years (2005-2015).  During this time Aaron taught the Bible, pursued Christian discipleship, and ran an agricultural project.

In December of 2015 we relocated to the United States to better meet the needs of our family.  We presently live in Central Arkansas where we work as caretakers of acreage and a rental home.  We also do gardening and small-scale animal farming on the property.

In early 2016, motivated by our desire to eat healthier foods, we began raising our own pastured chickens.  Upon talking with friends and hearing of their interest in pastured chicken, we began selling to the public.  In July 2016, Way to Grow Farm was born.

Our farming is based on two beliefs:

  1. We are God’s creation and we should take care of the bodies that He has given us by eating healthy, natural food.
  2. Animals are also God’s creation and should be raised, cared for, and processed in a humane, gentle manner.

It is our desire to provide naturally and humanely raised chicken to the community around us, thus providing an alternative to the medicated, inhumanely treated chicken found in most grocery stores.

Contact Aaron at 501-481-2917 or waytogrowfarm@gmail.com.